Accelerated Team

In an effort to challenge more of our serious dancers we are making the following changes to our Accelerated Team Program. We will not all be participating in competitions in 2019-20 as we are finding competitions to be more of an expense than a benefit. Only solos and small groups who choose to compete in competition part of the convention will do so.  We will continue to attend workshops at conventions as we find those to be a valuable learning experience. In place of competitions, we will be seeking more community opportunities for our dancers to perform. We will continue to offer additional classes and Master Classes as we have in the past during which time we will concentrate on technique experience and additional choreography for performances.

We will have three levels in our Accelerated Team. The Pink Level is open to dancers in Beg. III, Beg. IV, Beg. V, and Level I classes. They will be under the direction of Michelle Rush and for this season will meet on Mondays from 6-6:30 p.m. They are not required to take unlimited classes. Their fees will be the regular fees for the amount of hours they are dancing. (Note: the website will post the fees incorrectly and we will manually correct them until we find a way to remedy this problem.) The Pink Level will be required to attend one in-house (conducted at our studio) workshop during the season. They will also have the option of attending other conventions with us if they choose.

The Purple Level is open to Level II, Level III, and Level IV dancers and will meet on Thursday evenings at 5:45 pm with Claire Slater. Rehearsals will be posted ahead of time so dancers will know their exact schedules for the day.

The Blue Level is open to our Level V and Advanced dancers and will meet on Thursday’s starting at 8:15 pm with Jennifer Palmer.

Pink Team will be charged regular class prices. Every dancer in Purple Team will have a total monthly fee of $120.00 and every dancer in Blue Team will have a monthly fee of $126.00 that will include unlimited classes which they are required to participate in with good attendance. Good attendance means just that! Classes or rehearsals may not be skipped without approval from Jen or Michelle. The Accelerated Team opportunity is open to serious dancers who put dance before their other activities.

Our studio will attend at least two conventions (workshops) for the 2019-2020 season. Information about conventions will be shared soon. At our first meeting we will discuss conventions our dancers would like to attend and post our decisions and all information pertaining to those conventions. Dancers will be responsible for their own travel arrangements and hotel accommodations.

Choreography will be taught during scheduled rehearsal times. Solos, duos, trios, and small groups will be chosen by our faculty taking into consideration levels, abilities, ages, and the overall look as to the intention of the music or the fit of the specific group. Every team member is encouraged to learn ALL choreography just like they would do if they were in a dance company or professional show. There will be no choreography fees for choreography by our immediate faculty. Choreography done by outside teachers will have a fee which will be split and charged to each dancer scheduled to perform that particular number. Dancers requesting to be placed in solos, duos, or trios and small groups will be required to pay choreography fees to whomever they have do the choreography as well as pay for at least ten private lessons with one of our faculty members to oversee the rehearsals of each of those numbers.

In addition to performance opportunities in our community we will also offer additional Master Classes and/or Workshops in our studio by outside Master Teachers. Team Dancers will be required to participate in these extra classes and participate in sharing the cost for these learning opportunities accordingly. This will also be discussed and agreed upon in advance by our dancers, parents, and faculty at our first meeting of the season.

Accelerated Team Dancers should expect to purchase additional costumes throughout the year. We will use good judgement and be mindful of the cost when choosing costumes.

Anyone interested in our Team opportunity may join if they agree to follow our participation rules as stated above, have parental permission, and remain up to date on all fees. If you have any questions concerning our Team please call or e-mail Jen or Michelle.