Competition Team

We are bringing back our Competition Teams!!

*Why Competitions?

 Going to competitions gives our dancers another chance to perform on stage, receive constructive criticism from professionals in the dance world, lets them interact and see other dancers from other areas, and gives them a sense of really being a team.  


We have 4 Levels of teams.

Minis– (Levels Beg 3/4/5)        Juniors– (Levels 1/2/3)

Teens– (Level 4)                      Seniors – (Advance dancers)


We will rehearse 2-3 Saturday’s each month starting in September.  As we get closer to the dates of the competitions, we may need to pull extra rehearsals to make sure we are ready to perform.  Rehearsal times will vary depending on how many dancers sign up for each level. 


    • Tuition– $15/month added to tuition from September to February to cover Saturday rehearsals
    • Choreography fees– $30/per dancer/per dance (if outside choreographer is used, choreography fee will be more)
    • Competition fees– typical run around $50 per dancer/per dance at each competition
    • Costumes- Typically around $50-$65 per costume.  We try to reuse/borrow as much as we can but sometimes we have to buy new ones. 
    • Studio Jacket$55/ $60 with name

*Fun Extras

  • Fall Party
  • Annual Christmas Party
  • NEW- Team photo shoot with Ed at outdoor location
  • NEW-In House Convention
  • Performing in the closing number of the recital