Recital Rules

All parents must sign and date a copy of the rules, stating that they have read and agree to all of the rules for the auditorium during rehearsals and recital, and that they will not hold Jen, the Studio or its representatives, or Indiana University Kokomo responsible for any accidents.

  1. No gum, candy, drinks, or food in auditorium, back stage, or dressing rooms.
  2. Be on time and we will start rehearsals on time. Please be patient during rehearsals. This is the time to “fix” everything so that the show itself will go well.
  3. Students should be at dress rehearsal and performance 30 minutes prior to showtime. Helpers should be at their assigned work area 35 minutes prior to showtime.
  4. All students from Beginner 4 and up are to stay through the finale, and all in levels below Beginner 4 must stay to the intermission, unless otherwise instructed by Jen. Please do not leave with your children during the show. Also please do not come backstage or to dressing areas during the show or at intermission if you are not working in those areas. It creates more chaos with the students when they have visitors or parents in and out.
  5. Dressing for Dress Rehearsal and Performances:
    1. No undergarments are to be worn under tights.
    2. All hair should be secured away from face.
    3. All students are to wear make-up -eye shadow, lipstick, and blush.
    4. All tap shoes should be tied in double knots as should all jazz shoes.
    5. All strings in ballet shoes should be knotted, cut to about an inch in length, and tucked into the shoes so they cannot be seen.
    6. Names should be in absolutely every item.
    7. All students should bring their own personal grooming items and make-up.
    8. All dancewear, shoes and costumes are to be LEFT at the auditorium after dress rehearsal.  There is no reason for anyone to take anything home.  Costumes should be brought to the auditorium on hangers.  After dress rehearsal, all costumes should be hung on assigned racks to be put away for showtime.  This way no one will forget anything at the last minute.  Dressing rooms will be open the whole week of rehearsals so dancers may bring their costumes in anytime that week.
    9. Please bring extra safety pins and bobby pins in dance bag – extra tights too!
    10. All parents should enter through the front doors of the auditorium only. NO ONE IS TO USE THE BACK DOOR OF THE AUDITORIUM. After taking students to the dressing area, parents should proceed to the front of the auditorium and wait for the doors to open. Only parents who are working should be backstage or in the dressing areas once students are dressed and in the care of their assigned helpers. We appreciate all the help we can get, but if you are not assigned to a special task, you are in the way of those who are.
    11. Do not park on circle drive at the auditorium. They will stop our rehearsal and/or tow your car if you do. Do not be alarmed if you have a parking ticket on your car when you park in the parking lot. Just turn it in to Jen. The IU staff doesn’t know which cars are ours. Just be sure you do not park in spots reserved for special people. Also, PLEASE do not park close to back door of auditorium. The parking lot below in back is fine but the small area close to the back door is for employees.
    12. Please direct all questions to the helpers in the auditorium and/or dressing areas. If you need to talk to Jen, leave a message with helpers or call after rehearsal or during the following day.
    13. Group leaders and helpers are assigned to be responsible for students well-being during rehearsals and performances. Students are to obey any instructions given by these people and are to stay with their group leader at all times until their parents return for them. These people are following Jen’s instructions, so if you have a problem, please discuss it with Jen following the rehearsal or show. Hopefully, everything will go perfectly, but in case it doesn’t, let’s try to work together in a cordial manner to make the best of any situation that may come about. Let’s all try to make it a pleasant and exciting occation for the students. After all, it is their show!
    14. Picture-taking and video-taping:
      • No video cameras or flash cameras allowed during performances. Picture taking is restricted to dress rehearsal only.
      • If you plan to video during dress rehearsal, please do not plan to work as a helper at that time as it is impossible to do both.
      • Anyone who is not a student dancer or assigned helper will need to be in the balcony area only during rehearsals! We will have this area designated for you. Dancers are sitting in the auditorium before they are brought onto the stage during dress rehearsal. Any extra people are in the way and will add to the confusion – especially when the house lights are down.
      • Admission to the balcony for dress rehearsal are $5.00 each. Each family will be allowed one free ticket at that time. If we see cameras going on during the rehearsal we will stop the show!!!
  6. Students and helpers may sit in the auditorium during the dress rehearsals, but must remain backstage at all times during performances. Absolutely no one is to run in and out of the auditorium during performances. Workers may watch from the side of the stage if their child is performing. It is extremely distracting to the students on stage when they can see people moving about in the audience and see the doors opening and closing during the show.
  7. Students who receive flowers or gifts backstage may do so after the show only. They are not allowed to carry them onto stage during finale. It is also rather hard to keep track of flowers and gifts in the cramped space we have backstage. Students who wish to give flowers or gifts to their teachers or assistant teachers should see the backstage director. She will assist them.
  8. Young students who bring toys, books, etc. to the dressing rooms should be sure they want to share. This sometimes causes problems if they bring something “special” that cannot be shared.
  9. During rehearsals absolutely no children other than dance students who are to be at rehearsals will be allowed in the auditorium or backstage. I regret the inconvenience this may cause some of you, but I can’t take the responsibility of unsupervised children. This doesn’t seem fair to those of you who are so good to see that your children follow rules, but please look at it this way: this rule will allow you to help protect other children who may be lacking the parental supervision they all need.
  10. All tuition fees and any other charges must be paid to date before recital or the student will not be allowed to participate in the rehearsals or performance.
  11. Anyone entering the auditorium for the performance will need a ticket – regardless of age. All seating will be reserved seating. No refunds or exchanges on tickets. Remember to get your ticket orders in early. Also remember video/dvd order forms are due at the conclusion of the final performance.
  12. Audience should feel free to applaud at anytime during performance however, please do not call out names as it is very distracting to the dancer. A lot of applause and whistles on the other hand make the dancer feel appreciated and give them the drive to do their best!

All students must return a permission slip with the parent’s signature agreeing to abide by these rules. It is due prior to rehearsals during recital week.