2020 Recital Rehearsals

Rehearsal Schedule – TBA

Rehearsal Schedule – TBA

Dress Rehearsal – TBA

Rehearsals take place at Havens Auditorium on the campus of IU Kokomo.

Be in auditorium no later than 5:00. Be dressed and ready for the photo to be taken at 5:15. We will run finale after photo is taken. Actual dress rehearsal will begin at least by 5:45 (hopefully 5:30)

All dancers must stay through the end of the rehearsal with the exception of Pre-D I & II and Beg I, II, & III. Those dancers may leave at intermission.

Everyone is to stay in their assigned seats in the auditorium so we can find you when it is your turn to go on stage. This is your opportunity to see your dance friends perform.

Since we need to combine the Friday & Saturday evening shows for the dress rehearsal this will be a long night. Approximate finish time for intermission will by 7:30-8:00 and approximate time for the entire rehearsal will be 9:30 – 10:00 p.m.

Please remember the only parents on the main floor or backstage must be assigned helpers. All other parents must be in the balcony. Photos and video may be taken of the dress rehearsal from balcony only.