Picture Day 2017

Photo Schedule for Sat., May 6th

9:00 a.m. Mon. 5:30 w/Becky

9:10 Mon. 4:45 w/Sami

Wed. 5:15 w/Sami

Thurs. 5:30 w/Madison

9:30 Mon. 4:30 w/Becky

9:40 Wed 4:30 w/Madison

Wed. 4:15 w/Taya

9:55 Wed. 6:00 w/Sami

Wed. 4:30 w/Taya

10:05 Mon. 5:15 w/Jen

10:15 Tues. 4:45 w/Michelle

10:25 Tues. 4:30 w/Becky

10:30 Intro to Jazz w/Michelle

10:40 Tues. 5:30 w/Becky

10:50 Thurs. 4:30 w/Madison

11:00 Beg IV ballet, tap, jazz

Beg Modern

Beg Mus Th

11:45 Lev I ballet, tap, jazz

12:10 Beg Hip Hop

12:15 Lev 2 ballet, tap, jazz

12:30 Int B Mus Th

12:40 Int B Mod

12:50 Lev 3 ballet, tap, jazz

1:05 Int Hip Hop

1:15 Beg/Int Hip Hop

1:20 Lev 4 ballet, tap, jazz

1:45 Lev 5 ballet, tap, jazz

Int Th Tap

Int A Mod

2:00 Adv ballet, tap, jazz

All comp

Parking may be tricky! We will watch the lot and if it is full we will make sure

everybody is here before we take the photos for your assigned time.

However, if the lot is empty and parking is not a problem we will try to run

on schedule to the best of our ability. Please remember NOT to block the

neighbors’ driveways or park in their yards. Also, do NOT park in Louis’s lot

as they will have you towed in a heartbeat!

Even if you do not plan to purchase a photo pkg please come for the group

photo so the studio will have copies of our class photos. You will be able to

pick up photo envelopes with prices and available packages listed a week or so

before the photo shoot. Just check in our office or with your teacher.