Level 3

To Complete Level 3 Class, the dancer must accomplish the following skills in addition to required skills for previous levels:

A. Ballet – (Student must be able to execute each movement successfully without coaching as well as know proper terminology.)

  1. Develope en croix
  2. Cambre forward & back
  3. Single pirouette en dehors
  4. Arms & head coordinating with previously learned movements
  5. Royals
  6. Pas De Chats
  7. Coupe Saute

B. Jazz

  1. Single pirouettes en dehors (parallel position)
  2. Fan kicks
  3. Beginning Lay-outs
  4. Improved flexibility & co-ordination & style

C. Tap – (all steps must be done correctly with proper timing & clear sounds)

  1. Basic Time step
  2. Wings
  3. Preparations for double pick-ups
  4. Draw backs adding heels & shuffles (Cincinnati)
  5. Tack Annie
  6. Maxie Ford Turn
  7. Suzy-Q
  8. 3-tap riff
  9. Riffles

**Students should remain at this level until these movements are accomplished properly. Time spent at this level is expected to be 2 seasons but it is not uncommon to take longer.