Level 2


To Complete Level 2 Class, the dancer must accomplish the following skills in addition to required skills for previous levels:

A. Ballet – (Student must be able to execute each movement successfully without coaching as well as know proper terminology.)

  1. Plies in 4th position
  2. Passe
  3. Develope to 2nd position only
  4. Pas de bourree turn
  5. Pique turn
  6. Improved technique & placement on all previously learned movements
  7. Balance & proper alignment in 5th position releve
  8. Entrechat quatre
  9. Echappe releve & passe releve

B. Jazz

  1. Improved flexibility
  2. Beginning split leaps (saut de chats)
  3. All combinations becoming sharper with more “attitude” & feeling.

C. Tap – (all steps must be done correctly with proper timing & clear sounds.)

  1. Flap-heel turns
  2. Preparations for wings
  3. Flap-hops
  4. Roll-shuffles
  5. Shim-Sham
  6. Back essence
  7. Scuffles

**Students should remain at this level until these movements are accomplished properly. Time spent at this level is expected to be 2 seasons but it is not uncommon to take longer.