Beginning 4

To complete Beginning 4 class, the dancer must be at least age 7 and accomplish the following skills as well as demonstrating reasonably attentive behavior in class:

A. Ballet – (Student must be able to execute each movement successfully without coaching as well as know proper terminology.)

  1. Plies in 1st, 2nd, & 5th position
  2. Tendus en croix
  3. Degages to 2nd position only
  4. Rond De Jambe a terre
  5. Frappes to 2nd position only
  6. Grand Battements en croix
  7. Sautes in 1st & 2nd positions
  8. Echappe Saute
  9. Basic balances
  10. 3-step turns
  11. Pas de bourree

B. Jazz

  1. Head, shoulder, & hip isolations
  2. Jazz square
  3. Kick-ball-change

C. Tap – (all steps must be done correctly with music)

  1. Shuffles & shuffle-ball-change & shuffle-hop-step
  2. Flap & flap-ball-change & running flaps
  3. Flap-heel-heel
  4. Waltz Clog Time Step
  5. Cramp Rolls

**Students should remain at this level until all these movements are accomplished properly.