Advanced 3

This level is designated for the very serious dancers who have the ability to continue in a college dance program or pursue a professional career in dance. Although it is the desire of this studio to encourage every student, it is not our desire to give a student false hope. At this level teachers must adequately prepare a student to leave high school with a realistic view of his or her ability.

Remaining at this level or reaching the Adv. 2 level early & remaining in that level for consecutive years does not mean that you are stuck at one level. As in any of the other levels, staying in that particular level will allow students to grow & learn. They will become stronger as well as much better technically. They will continue to do new combinations & learn more & more. The Adv. 3 level will offer more performance opportunities since the dancers in this level are the more serious dancers. preparing for dance related careers only to have dreams shattered. It is the teachers responsibility to help the student make the correct choices by properly evaluating the dancer & by offering counseling on dance careers and related areas that may be obtainable to him or her.

Not all dancers will progress to the Adv. 3 level. This should not be a disappointment to those who remain in the Adv. 2 level. Just as some students excel more than others, for instance in mathematics or science, some students may excel more in dance. Those students need to be challenged at a different level. Please feel free to talk to our teachers if you have questions about this level.