Advanced 1

To complete Advanced 1 class, the dancer must accomplish the following skills in addition to the required skills for previous levels:

A. Ballet – (Student must be able to execute each movement successfully without coaching as well as know proper terminology.)

  1. Preparations for fouettes
  2. Penches in center floor
  3. Double pirouette en dedans
  4. Fouette en tournant
  5. Know all body positions
  6. Pick up combinations quickly
  7. Assemble battu
  8. Entrecha trois

B. Jazz

  1. Double pirouette en dedan in parallel position
  2. Execute leaps from turn combinations
  3. All combinations very sharp and styled
  4. Ability to do different styles

C. Tap – (all steps must be done correctly with music)

  1. Front wings
  2. Single wings
  3. Grab-offs
  4. Paradiddles
  5. Toe-stand pirouettes

**Students should remain at this level until these movements are accomplished properly. As in Level 4, it may take several seasons in this level before all skills are proficient for advancement to the next level.