Class Leveling

Our leveling system has been designed to accommodate the ability and ages of our dancers, and to be clear to parents. We have developed a syllabus for each class. This has changed from the leveling we had in the past so please do not be concerned with the “name” of your level or the names of the other dancers in your class. Careful evaluation of past performance, ability, and attendance as well as age have gone into all decisions of class placement.

Although we try very hard to accommodate each student’s needs, sometimes our schedule may conflict with your other activities. Please be aware that students will NOT be allowed to change to a higher-level class due to an outside time conflict. Should a conflict exist, students will need to adjust their personal schedule or drop to a lower level class. Parents or students who question their placement should make an appointment with Jen for an evaluation and an opportunity to discuss concerns. Teachers will not hesitate to move a student up or down if their ability and performance in class suggests the need. It is our desire to have each student placed in the best possible class for their individual learning needs. Any student who wishes to take additional classes should see Jen for scheduling.