Our annual spring dance recital is scheduled to take place in early June in the Havens Auditorium at Indiana University Kokomo.  Tickets are available at the studio through the end of May and will be available at the door.

Every student is invited & encouraged to participate in the recital, however, this is not mandatory. Please keep in mind the cost of costumes (usually average $65-$70 per costume) and the time commitment for the recital. Costume information will be distributed to students in November with costume fees due in full at the end of November. Dancers in Pre-Dance, Beginning I, Beginning II, and Beginning III classes will do two dances but purchase only one costume. Dancers in Beginning IV and above levels will do three dances and purchase two costumes. Additional classes such as pointe, modern, and musical theatre will each require a special costume.

We have an attendance policy from January to recital time: dancers who miss more than one class a month will not be allowed to participate in recital with that particular class. Costume fees will NOT be refunded. Students who will be participating in sports in the spring may want to take note of this before they purchase costumes this year – especially those with Saturday classes. The only exceptions to this rule will be illness, school functions which affect grades, or students who have school band commitments or school musicals as these activities are related to dance in the performance area.

We will have half of our Pre-D and Beg classes perform on Friday evening and the other half of those classes perform on Saturday evening. Our shows will begin earlier than usual and these younger classes will perform in the first half of the show. They will be dismissed at intermission after their finale on stage and have the option to leave or sit in the auditorium with their parents (free ticket provided ) to enjoy the remainder of the show. Our Beg IV and above levels will perform both evenings. Competition dances, as well as solos, will be divided among the two evenings, therefore, performing only once.

More recital information, including ticket purchasing, rehearsal schedule, and photo schedules will be available later in the season.