30 min. class per week$39.00 per month
45 min. class per week$41.00 per month
One hour class per week$47.00 per month
One and a quarter hours per week$53.00 per month
One and a half hours per week$60.00 per month
One and three quarter hours per week$67.00 per month
Two hours per week$74.00 per month
Two and a quarter hours per week$80.00 per month
Two and a half hours per week$87.00 per month
Two and three quarter hours per week$93.00 per month
Three hours per week$100.00 per month
Three and a quarter hours per week$107.00 per month
Three and a half hours per week$113.00 per month
Three and three quarter hours per week$120.00 per month
Four hours per week$127.00 per month
Unlimited (4+ hours)$135.00 per month
Competition Team $25/ per month (September- March)
Enrollment fee (individual)$15.00 per year
Enrollment fee (family)$20.00 per year

Family discount of 10% may be deducted from the total amount after each student’s fees are calculated separately.

Please remember family discounts are offered to students residing in the same household. There are no family discounts on unlimited class fees. Discounts are not applied to registration fees, special workshop fees, costume fees, or any fees other than monthly tuition.

Fees are calculated on the time period of the entire 2022-2023 season and divided into equal payments; therefore there are no additional price cuts in months with holidays as well as no additional charges for months with extra lessons.

There are no refunds. Missed lessons may be made up in another class of your level if available except during the period between April 1st and the end of the season (due to recital preparations.) There are also no refunds or make-ups for weather-related cancellations.

Fees are due in full by the 7th of each month. There is a 10% of your total balance late fee added to accounts with a balance due on the 8th of each month – no exceptions. Checks mailed must be in our office prior to the 8th or the late fee will be applied regardless of the date on the check. If you mail or leave a payment in the  office  on the 8th of the month or after, you must include the late fee as your account will be automatically charged by that time.

We accept credit card, debit card, check and cash payments. We will gladly schedule automatic payments from your credit or debit card if you wish. You may register and manage payment online.

We will also accept advance payment for tuition as well as partial advance payments for costumes at any time.

When paying by check, please write student’s name in memo section of your check. Please note that there is a $30.00 fee for returned checks.  We accept all major credit cards (MC, Visa, American Express, Discover) for payments made online.